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The Vehicle currently used for tuition is a 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Titanium Econetic 2. As well as excellent eco credentials the car is also very user friendly and pretty much perfect to learn to drive in. The car has many features that are beneficial for learner drivers, one being an automatic re-start after a stall, as soon as the clutch is de-pressed the engine will start without having to manually turn the key.

Being the Titanium spec is is fully loaded with features such as Climate control/Air-conditioning, Automatic Headlights, Automatic Wipers, Auto Stop/Start, Bluetooth, Sony/Ford Audio System, Voice Activated Controls, Electric windows, Electric Mirrors, ABS, Stability Control, Power Steering, Heated Front and Rear Screens, Fully Adjustable Seats including Lumber Support, Height Adjustable Steering wheel, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, Eco Driving Assessment Mode, Drivers and Passenger Airbags, Plus many more!

I personally find the car Fantastic to drive and have had a very positive reaction from all of my pupils. In particular to how easy the clutch is to control and how positive and reactive the steering and brakes are.


You will be given a full guide of all the show me tell me questions on the car, for example how to check the oil and fluid levels.

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